3D Photo Jigsaw Puzzle

Unique Jigsaw Puzzle

Unique Jigsaw Puzzle

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Glasses are only $2 each if you buy 5 or more!
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  • 285-piece jigsaw puzzle of the dinosaur exhibit at the Museum of Nature. This gift is literally UNIQUE; I am only selling ONE of them! (I made three, gave one away, and am keeping the third)

    • Final completed size: 12" x 16 1/2" (approx. 30.5 x 42 cm)
    • 3D glasses are included (but only really help in viewing the completed puzzle, not during assembly)
    • Due to the dark border, this puzzle starts off harder than it looks
    • Took me 1.5 hours to assemble

    If there is interest, I will make more. If you would like a jigsaw puzzle of one of my 3D photos, please let me know your preference for: How many pieces, final size, and which photo. Lead time on puzzles can be up to 5+ weeks.

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