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This store was created in January 2023, and until some orders start coming in I'll have to guess at what information customers will want.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get the 10% discount?

So long as you have 5 cards in your shopping cart (including a mixture of different cards), a 10% discount will automatically be applied on checkout.

What comes in the package?

Each card comes with a pair of cardboard 3D glasses wrapped around the front of the fold, and a white lick-to-seal envelope. These are contained in a plastic self-sealing envelope.

Is anything printed on the card?

The inside of the card is empty. (Let me know if you'd like a custom greeting) The back of the card has a thumbnail photo of the card and information about when and where the photo was taken.

Will the 3D glasses fit if I wear glasses?

Yes. They are made of cardboard so they can be folded at various points to fit around your glasses, or you can even cut out a bigger nose hole to fit them behind your glasses.

What are the limitations of full-colour 3D photos?

Sometimes I have to tone down the reds and/or blues to keep them from being difficult to view with 3D glasses on. This desaturation can make the photos seem less vibrant when viewed without 3D glasses on. 

The 3D effect should still work for people with colour blindness; however vision in both eyes is necessary. 

See also the 3D photos FAQ on my blog

How do you make the photos 3D?

I take two pictures from a few inches apart, then merge them with photo editing software. 

Do you sell anything other than greeting cards?

I've made jigsaw puzzles from createjigsawpuzzles.com and I'm considering making ViewMaster-style reels from 3dviewer.com. I suppose I could also sell prints of the photos just on their own.

If any of these formats interest you, drop me a line. I'm starting with greeting cards before I get ahead of myself.

Do you have more 3D photos? How can I know when you add more?

Yes, I have hundreds, from Centretown, elsewhere in the Ottawa area, and from my travels. I add more here from time to time, though I try to avoid selling photos of other people's artwork.

I'll make more photos available when they start to sell.

Can I pick up my order to get it sooner?

I guess? I live near Plant Recreation Centre.

Where exactly is Centretown?

It's complicated. Let's just say it has the same boundaries as Somerset Ward in downtown Ottawa, the capital city of Canada (Ottawa River, Rideau Canal, Highway 417, O-Train, plus Preston Street from 417 to Carling)

Who are you? How do I reach you?

Name: Charles Akben-Marchand
Twitter: @Centretowner
Mastodon: @Centretowner@urbanists.social
Instagram: @Centretowner
Blog: Images of Centretown, centretown.blogspot.com
Email: contact at centretown3d dot ca

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